Registration process

How to register in ConfTool
for Conference Participation

    To register as a conference participant, you need an account in the IMWA2019 Conference Management system (ConfTool). The account allows you to access registration details and payment information at any time after registration. You can also use your account to print out the registration confirmation and your invoice

a New ConfTool

If you have not obtained a ConfTool account for this conference before, your need to create a new account. As an author, member of the program committee, or reviewer for this event, you will most likely hold a ConfTool account already. Please use your existing account for registration as a participant.

To create a new account select the link “Register New” on the login page and follow the instructions given there. Please enter your full name and address, and provide a valid e-mail address, since these details are required to contact you, for name badges, invoices, and receipts.

to the ConfTool System

If you already hold an account, log-in with your user name and password under “Registered Users”. If you have forgotten your user name or password, please follow the links next to the according input fields and consider our hints for user registration and log-in.

The Participant
Registration Process

To start the registration process, please click on “Registration for conferece participation” at the bottom of your “Show User Account Details” page of your ConfTool account. The registration process consists of several steps:

First, please state your participant status (Regular Delegate, IMWA Member,
Student/Ph.D. Student, Accompanying Person). Some statuses require entering a valid code to continue the registration process (e.g. a student ID number or your IMWA membership number).
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Now, select (sub)events and other items you want to book for this conference. The prices depend on your registration status and the time of registration (we offer a reduction during the “early bird” phase). Click the green “Update Prices” button before you proceed.


Please enter your payment details now. Only the payment modes listed there can be accepted. If none of the offered methods is suitable for you, please contact the IMWA2019 Conference  Organizer.


Finally, confirm your entries and the registration terms for participants. Please note that your registration for participation is binding and the full fee has to be paid within the given period.


After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the required payment details. The “Confirmation of Registration” and/or “(Pro Forma) Invoice” can now be accessed from your IMWA2019 account and be printed via your browser’s print function. After your payment has been received, you will get access to the invoice from your account.

If you need a payment receipt, please contact us. We will make it available to you at the conference registration desk.

By registering to attend IMWA2019, you grant permission to IMWA and the IMWA2019 organisers to use photos/films taken from you respectively your company presence by us or our official photographer (team) onsite during the meeting for marketing purposes (event reporting, promotion of follow-up events & self-marketing) for an indefinite period of time.


You also grant permission to IMWA and the IMWA EC to use these photographs for IMWA's marketing purposes for an indefinite period of time. If you do not want to have any photos/films taken of you published, you may contact us at any time: