The Main Directions of Scientific Activity

Perm Federal Research Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences


  • Investigation of deformation, fracture and abnormal processes in artificial and  natural materials, systems and constructions taking into account the peculiarities of the internal structure and multi-factor external effects.

  • Development of methods of physical and mathematical modeling of behavior of materials, systems, natural and technological processes, cyberinfrastructure and the technologies of information processing and transmission.

  • Investigation of nonlinear hydrodynamic systems including multiphase and magnetohydrodynamic systems, natural and technological flows of conducting and non-conducting fluids, polymers, suspensions and magnetic fluids.

  • Complex investigation of geological, geo- and hydrodynamic processes, geophysical and astrophysical phenomena.

  • Elaboration of modern methods to analyse social systems taking into account their historical transformation, political, ethnic, historical and cultural factors.

  • Investigation of natural and anthropogenic biosphere transformation, the fundamentals to elaborate modern systems of agriculture and livestock farming.

  • Development of materials based on organic polymers and inorganic compounds, formulas of new constructional and functional materials, nanocomposites.

  • Elaboration of the theory of chemical constitution and the methods of organic synthesis, development of efficient biocatalysts, products based on cell systems, enzymes, affine compounds, secondary metabolites. 

  • Elaboration of scientific foundations to produce biologically active fodders, biopreparations, new methods of livestock disease prevention and treatment.

  • Development of theoretical and methodological supply, elaboration of intellectual systems to monitor the conditions of technogenic, natural and social systems and objects.

  • Elaboration of methods to rationally and securely use natural resources including the matters of subsoil use, soil science and the integral development of bio- and georesources.

  • Environmental protection from pollution, investigation of possibilities to recycle industrial and municipal waste and human and animal waste disposal, bioremediation of ecosystems.

  • Investigation of immune system functioning, elaboration of new methods of immunodiagnosis and immunocorrection.

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