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IMWA2019 Students work

International Teleconference Project «Environmental Issues of the World» in Teaching English to Geoscience Students

Yakovleva, Elena Vladimirovna (1); Polyakova, Svetlana (1); Mishlanova, Svetlana (1); Alekseeva, Larissa (1); Gritsenko, Elena (1); Khayrulina, Elena (1); Lane, Joseph (2); Erzikova, Elina (3)
1: Perm State University, Russian Federation; 2: Delta State University, the USA; 3: Central Michigan University, the USA

The international teleconference project is an effective method of the team based learning model in the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) and the CLIL context. This paper offers an international educational model of the proposal titled “Environmental Issues of the World”. The proposed three-staged project is centred around multinational, multi dimentional frameworks and related disciplines. The stages are: Pre-teleconference (2 months), a series of teleconference (4 events) and Post-teleconference (1-3 months). Through these steps students develop cognitive, communicative and professional competences in all parties concerned. Three uniquely qualified groups of Russian and American students and professors are invloved in the project: Geoscience, English Language Teaching specialists and Linguistics.