Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

International Collaboration In Geo Science Education Via Project Based Learning

Polyakova, Svetlana (1); Lane, Joseph (2); Losavio, Michael (3); Gritsenko, Elena (1); Snegova, Svetlana (1); Klochko, Konstantin (1); Firstova, Maria (1)
1: Perm State University, Russian Federation; 2: Delta State University, USA; 3: The University of Louisville, USA

Future Russian Geo science students are somewhat isolated from the global professional community since university students lack real-world experience as well as the use of the English language in their professional field.

The International Project Based Learning Model (IPBLM) is offered to improve the Geo science students’ 21st century competences by applying a variety of innovative educational tools with a specific focus on online and offline group discussions and videoconferencing with chosen partner universities. The research analyses recent “real-world” collaborative projects on Geo-ecological issues and environmental matters, such as water conservation and human/environmental interactions.