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IMWA2019 Students work

Isotopic Composition of Underground and Surface Waters at the Uzbekstan Tyubegatan Potassium Salts Deposit

Maleev, Eduard (1); Goldyrev, Valery (2)
1: "Zarubezhshahtostroy" LLC, Russian Federation; 2: Natural Science Institute of Perm State University

To prevent water inflows in the mine workings, it is important to estimate the genesis of groundwater and its interaction with surface waters and groundwater of other horizons. At the Tubegatan potassium salts deposit (Uzbekistan), these tasks were solved by monitoring the isotopic composition of groundwater and surface water.

In samples of surface groundwater in the deposit area, the content of deuterium and oxygen-18 was studied. Water samples taken in the mines of the deposit have an isotopic composition typical to surface sources.

It been concluded that the identified brine appearance had a direct hydrodynamic connection with the overlying over-salt aquifers through a system of tectonic disturbances. This fact indicates the danger to the functioning of the mine.