Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

From Remediation Supervision To Long-term Ssurveillance – Ground And Surface Water Monitoring At A Former Uranium Processing Site

Greif, Annia; Eulenberger, Sven; Schmidt, Peter; Paul, Michael
Wismut GmbH, Germany

Starting in 1990, the clean-up of the former Crossen uranium mill near Zwickau in Germany has been a focal point in the Wismut remediation program which is dedicated to the legacy of large scale uranium mining and milling in East Germany.

The discharge of treated water, but also the still remaining release of contaminated seepage into aquifers and surface streams require the monitoring of the water-borne environmental impact. Key contaminants include uranium, arsenic and radium, accompanied by molybdenum, sulphate, chloride, hydrogen carbonate and sodium.

The current remediation monitoring is based on radiation protection licences and permits issued under water law. With the transition towards post-remedial and long-term activities after 2020 the monitoring requirements will significantly change regarding key function and scope. The presented paper describes the existing water monitoring system and key findings of the previous monitoring period. Finally, site conditions, constraints and remaining uncertainties for post-remedial monitoring will be discussed.