Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

The Software Development for Establishing Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical Coupling Models of Fractured Rocks

Liu, Weitao; Zhao, Jiyuan; Nie, Ruiai; Xu, Baichao; Sun, Xi
Shandong University of Science and Technology, China, People's Republic of

In order to provide a more convenient and efficient method to establish thermal-hydraulic-mechanical coupling models for fractured rocks, a software specialized was developed by the secondary development of COMSOL Multiphysics. The software can provide advanced settings for the geometry of pores and porosity distribution. The geometry of pores and porosity distribution can be defined as random distribution or Weibull distribution. A mechanical test was carried out to the rock specimen with a single pre-existing crack inclined at 45° using the MTS815.03 electrohydraulic servo controlled rock pressure testing machine. Then the experimental results was imported into the software to build the geometric model. Results indicate that fluid stress concentration occurred in the wring crack tip, which contributes to the crack propagation. The thermal stress mainly distributed in an area formed by connecting the wring crack tips. The permeability increases with increasing rock heterogeneity and the increase of rock heterogeneity contributes the crack growth.