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Influence of Karst Collapse Column on Coal Mine Safety Mining - A Case Study of the Yangjian Mine in Shuozhou Mining Area, Shanxi Province, China

Xu, Zhimin; Sun, Yajun
China University of Mining and Technology, China, People's Republic of
Karst collapse columns are a special geological body, commonly found in the Carboniferous-Permian coalfields in northern China and posing a major hazard to mine safety. To assess the influence of karst collapse columns on coal mining safety, the case of the Yangjian Coalmine in Shuozhou, Northern Shanxi Province, China is investigated. Five collapse columns were detected in Panel 90102 during tunnel excavation and advanced exploration. The extent of karst development, the water-bearing conditions and the conductive state of the columns, as well as the composition and physical properties of the rocks, were explored. Then the hydrogeological characteristics of the five collapse columns were summarized. Based on analysis of the water pressure of the Ordovician limestone aquifer and the thickness of the aquiclude, the influence of each collapse column on the safe mining of Panel 90102 was evaluated. To mitigate the water inrush threat from the collapse columns, a drilling and grouting reinforcement treatment for two water-conducting columns were implemented to block the Ordovician aquifer water from flowing onto the mine floor. This approach improved the safety of the mining operation in Panel 90102.