Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

Justification The Possibility Of Sludge Storage Use For Liquid Wastes From The Potash Industry As Settling Ponds

Glushankova, Irina; Rudakova, Larisa
Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russian Federation

In process of the enrichment of potash ores during the potassium chloride production by flotation, liquid wastes are formed a mixture of clay-salt slurries and industrial wastewater; the utilization of such mixtures is a complex environmental and technological problem.

In Russia the main method of disposal of liquid waste from potash producing industrial units is wastes release into sludge storage basins. Performed analysis of the facilities operation at Uralkali's mine departments, calculated water and material balances of the sludge storage facilities, data of the suspended solids sedimentation efficiency and the water mineralization reduction made it possible to consider such facilities not only as environment protection units, but also as waste treatment facilities. Calculations of the speed and time of fine clay particles sedimentation, changes in water mineralization in the sedimentation pond depth due to the density and thermal stratification, allowed to develop the technology of the facility liquid waste treatment and to determine its main structural features with the possibility to release the part of slightly mineralized water into the water body during the preflood period.