Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

Formation of Industrial Gold-bearing Objects in the Development of placers on the Marakan River (Eastern Siberia)

Movzitova, Ksusha (1); Plysnin, Ilya (2)
1: Perm State University, Russian Federation; 2: Perm State University, Russian Federation

The authors have studied technogenic and mineral formations that were arisen during the development of the Marakan gold placer (Eastern Siberia). Free gold is established in technogenic and mineral formations, which is due to technological and geological reasons. The mineral composition of man-made dumps includes a large amount of sulphides. During placers mining oxidation of sulphides occurs, with the release of gold in them. In acidic man-made waters, gold moves in dissolved form, precipitates and restores gold in the metallic phases. Based on the study of free gold and the theoretical prerequisites for the formation of chemogenically and biogenically deposited gold, the technogenic dumps of the Marakan deposit may have zones of increased concentration of newly formed free gold.