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IMWA2019 Students work

Using The Industrial Wastes For Remediation Of Sites Affected By Acid Mine Water Dumping

Krasilnikova, Svetlana; Blinov, Sergey
Perm State University, Russian Federation

Kizelovsky coal basin is located in the Urals in the Perm region. Coal mining was carried out during 200 years. The high water content of coal mines and a significant sulfur content in the rocks of coal-bearing strata affected the worsening of the environmental situation. As a result of sulfur oxidation in mine workings, acid mine waters (pH~2-3) with a high content of SO42-, Fe3+, Fe2+, Al3+ and heavy metals are formed. Parts of the former mine water discharge are polluted. They are not overgrown with vegetation even since 25 years after the closure of mines. Method of these sites reclamation with using alkaline waste of soda production and activated sludge of biological treatment facilities as reagents have developed and tested by the authors.