Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

Experiment Results of Metal Recovery by a Two- Step Neutralization Process from AMD from a Copper Mine in Serbia

Masuda, Nobuyuki (1,3); Marković, Radmila (2); Bozić, Dragana (2); Bessho, Masahiko (1); Inoue, Toshio (3); Hoshino, Koji (3); Ishiyama, Daizo (1); Stevanović, Zoran (2)
1: Akita University, Japan; 2: Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor, Republic of Serbia; 3: Mitsui Mineral Development Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan

A two-step neutralization process is proposed to recover iron and copper separately. A new experiment equipment for continuous operation of this process was developed and manufactured. Three types of Acid Mine Drainages (AMD), which are most environmentally influential in Bor copper mine area in Serbia, were selected for the experiment. They were supplied for the experiment without any pre-treatment. Approximately 1.8 cubic meters of AMD for each type was treated by 5L/min by the new equipment using industrial hydrated lime. As a result, it was confirmed the proposed process is effective for AMD treatment and metal recovery. Iron and copper were recovered in the sludge separately.