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Mine Waters of the Mining Enterprises of the Murmansk Region: Main Pollutants, Perspective Treatment Technologies

Makarov, Dmitriy (1); Svetlov, Anton (1); Goryachev, Andrey (1); Masloboev, Vladimir (1); Minenko, Vladimir (2); Samusev, Andrey (2); Krasavtseva, Evgenia (1)
1: Federal Research Centre “Kola Science Centre of RAS”, Russian Federation; 2: Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources Russian Academy of Sciences

One of the most important environmental tasks in the activities of the mining industry is wastewater cleaning. The main difficulty lies in large volumes of water. This leads to high economic and material costs in the implementation of various cleaning schemes. The priority contaminants of mine waters of two mining enterprises of the Murmansk region were analyzed: JSC Kola MMC and LLC Lovozersky GOK. Thus, for the waters of the Severnyi Mine, JSC Kola MMC, the main pollutants are sulfates, nitrogen compounds, nickel and copper ions, suspended solids. For the waters of the Karnasurt Mine, LLC Lovozersky GOK is a fluoride ion, nitrates and nitrites, manganese, strontium, suspended solids. For each enterprise, strategies and perspective technologies for mine waters treatment were considered.