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Stakeholder Participation in Sulphate Monitoring in Lake Nuasjärvi, Finland

Laatikainen, Outi Maria (1); Mulbah, Susanne (1); Pyhälahti, Timo (2); Prittinen, Kaarina (3)
1: CEMIS / Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, Finland; 2: SYKE, Finnish Environmental Center, Finland; 3: Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, School of Mining and machinery, Finland

Stakeholder participation and crowdsourcing in environmental monitoring may enhance the data collection process. The paper presents a case study of a stakeholder participation in water quality monitoring and explores reliability and validity factors of measurement results. In a pilot project at the Lake Nuasjärvi the community members used a mobile phone data management platform application to report commercial quality colorimetric reagent strips readings on site. The objective of the pilot was to assess preliminary monitoring solutions performance in field settings and to gather stakeholder experience in order to identify needs for further studies and to understand different stakeholder profiles and their needs.

During the pilot, a pilot group of five users observed selected monitoring points at lake Nuasjärvi. The results were collected from the mesurement devise to an information management platform. To minimaize data unreliability, the calibrated primary data was run through a set of comparable datasets to identify and eliminate deviations.