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Transformation of Sibay Chalcopyrite Deposits Acid Mine Drainage on Geochemical Barriers of the River System

Opekunov, Anatoly; Opekunova, Marina; Kukushkin, Stepan; Somov, Vsevolod; Spasskij, Vladimir; Yaskevich, Elena
Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Federation

This article focuses on study of Sibay copper-zinc deposit (South Urals) acid mine and dump drainage and on its transformation in the Karagaily river system. The river’s runoff is initially formed by underground water, dump drainage and mine drainage. Hydrochemical composition of water and content of ore metals in bottom sediments have been examined. Special attention has been given to phase distribution of metals, which provides information about forms and intensity of elements mobilization. Impact of technogenic and natural geochemical barriers on river self-purification ability has been estimated.