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Open Pit Dewatering in Niger, from Groundwater Modeling Forecast to in-pit Water Management

Le Beux, Anthony (1); Boubacar, Amadou (2); Assalack, Farook (3); Grizard, Pierre (1)
1: Orano Mining, France; 2: Somaïr, Niger; 3: Orano Mining, Niger

Since 2016, Somaïr has been operating in northern Niger an open-pit mine to extract uranium from a sandstone reservoir hosting a regional groundwater aquifer. The first part of this article relates the geological and hydrogeological studies carried out to design the dewatering system. In the second part, we compare dewatering plans to the encountered settings during mining operation and describe actions carried out inside and outside the pit as operations progressed in order to keep the pit toe dry for mining.