Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

Prediction of the Confined Water Rising Zone in a Coal Floor Based on Fuzzy Theory (Fuzzy) - Gray Relation Analysis (GRA) - Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO) - Support Vector Regression (SVR)

Wang, Ying (1); Shi, Longqing (1); Gao, Weifu (2,3); Xu, Dongjing (1); Liu, Tianhao (1); Qu, Xingyue (1)
1: State Key Laboratory of Mining Disaster Prevention and Control Co-founded by Shandong Province and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao 266590, China; 2: National Engineering Laboratory for Coal

The confined water rising zone and water inrush from the floor are closely related. In this paper, based on the collected samples of North-China-type coalfields, after the nondimensional disposal of the influencing indices by Fuzzy Theory (Fuzzy), four main indices were selected by the Gray Relation Analysis(GRA): aquifuge index, water pressure index, permeability index and structural index. The (Particle Swarm Optimization)PSO was used to optimize the parameters of the (Support Vector Regression) SVR; then, the nonlinear regression model was established by the SVR to predict the confined water rising zone based on MATLAB. Compared with other methods, the Fuzzy-GRA-PSO-SVR model has good generalization and can be applied to field prediction.