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Mine Water Management under Seasonal Rainfall Conditions

Tran, Mien; Nguyen, Tam Tinh; Ho, Tuan Anh
Vinacomin-Informatics, Technology, Environment JS Company, Vietnam



Tran Mien, Nguyen Tam Tinh, Ho Tuan Anh

Vinacomin – Informatics, Technology, Environment JS Company

B15 Dai Kim, Dist. Hoang Mai, Hanoi, VIETNAM

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Almost all hard coal mines of Vietnam are located in the Quang Ninh Coal Basin in the North East of Vietnam, near the coast of Ha Long Bay, which has been recognized twice as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Quang Ninh is a very important area for tourism development of Vietnam. The annual volume of mine water drained from coal mining including openpit and underground mining is around 120 million m3. Over many years, the quality of the coastal ecological system and surface water bodies including rivers, streams, fresh water lakes in the mining fields and the residential areas in close vicinity has been declining due to settlement of coal sludge and the contamination with metals such as Fe, Mn in the drained mine waters.

The uncontrolled overflow of untreated mine water from treatment systems because of the seasonal variation of mine water is the main reason. In a country with tropical climate like Vietnam, the rain quantity varies seasonally. This leads to changes in quantity and quality of the mine water drained from coal mines, openpit as well as underground mining. The management of the surplus water in the rainy season becomes decisive for the effectiveness of the whole mine water treatment infrastructure.

The determination of the capacity for mine water treatment plants (MWTPs) adapted to the seasonal variation of the mine water and the management of the surplus mine water in the rainy season have been investigated and successfully applied to the mine water treatment concept.

The amelioration of the coastal ecology, the development of the technology of mine water treatment as a general concept for any MWTP and the increase of the efficiency of mine water treatment are the benefits brought from these solutions. The paper shares the experiences with mine water management under the seasonal rainfall variation made in Vietnam. They give an example for countries with similar boundary conditions.

Key words: coal mine water, Quang Ninh Coal Basin, seasonal variation of mine water, management of surplus mine water, rainy season.