Presented paper

IMWA2019 Students work

Experimental Study the Efficiency of Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage under Different Hydrodynamic Conditions

Pu, Xunchi; Zhao, Gaolei; Liang, Ruifeng
Sichuan university, China, People's Republic of

Passive treatment is a widely used method for acid mine drainage (AMD) remediation. The efficiency of passive treatment system is influenced by the long resident time and the armor coating on limestone surface and/or clogging in treatment system. This paper has studied the effects of hydrodynamic factors on the dissolution rate of limestone and the mechanism of the limestone dissolution during passive treatment of AMD by both simulation experiments and theory analysis. The armor coating on limestone, which formed under different hydrodynamic conditions, had also been measured. The results showed that the the higher the turbulent kinetic energy, the less armor on the limestone. Furthermore, the armor coating on limestone surface can be effectviely reduced with increasing the tuibulence of AMD. The finds could be applied for design of hydrodynamic optimization in passive treatment of AMD.