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Extraction Of Useful Components From Wastes Of The Kachkanar Mining And Processing Plant

Menshikova, Elena; Blinov, Sergey; Vaganov, Sergey
Perm State University, Russian Federation

Kachkanar mining and processing plant is a part of the industrial holding company EVRAZ. In terms of production, the plant is one of the five largest mining enterprises in Russia. It is located in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. EVRAZ KGOK develops Gusevogorsky deposit of titanium-magnetite iron ores containing vanadium impurities. The vanadium content in the ore allows producing high-alloyed steels. Kachkanar ore deposits are the only source of vanadium ore in Russia. The plant has been operating since 1956 and is currently one of the leading mining and processing enterprises in Europe. The production capacity of the plant is about 55 million tons of iron ore per year. At present, EVRAZ KGOK mines the ore from three quarries, processes it in the crushing, enrichment, sintering workshops. The tailings of wet magnetic separation are stored in a tailing dump. Every year nearly 45 million tons of tailings are delivered to these dumps. Tails are moved in the form of pulp with solids’ content up to 10%. Currently, the tailing dump contains 1.6 billion tons of tailings. It can be considered as a technogenic deposit. The problem of increasing the volume of waste in the mining industry can be solved through the search for technology of their recycling.

The authors have made the examination of the possibility of extracting valuable components from the tailings of wet magnetic separation and the potential for their use. By the example of separate samples there was studied mineral and chemical composition of the tailings. The use of gravitational separation of tails allows obtaining the ore concentrate (content 4.5-7.5%) therefrom, which includes titanomagnetite, ilmenite, sulfides, gold, cassiterite, intermetallic compounds of copper and zinc, native copper and arsenic sulfides. Titanium magnetite from the concentrate is easily separated by magnetic separation and can be added to the main product of the enterprise. Light silicate products of gravity concentration are more suitable as a raw material in stone fibers’ production. The process of melting tails in gravity concentration is accompanied by lower energy costs compared with the same process for the initial waste. The reduction in energy consumption is 23%. In this case, the undesirable process of melt crystallization during the cooling is less pronounced.