Greeting word

  Polluted mine water is one of the major threats to the aquatic environment around mining operations. It might interfere negatively with surface water and groundwater and these effects can have a long-lasting influence. To minimise these effects on the ecosystem, mining engineers, consultants, legislators and scientists are working hand in hand. They are developing, testing and implementing solutions to avoid the formation of polluted mine water and to mitigate them, where they already occurred. Mine water management is not only a matter of finances, but also a matter of knowledge about the options and technologies available.

 IMWA2019’s motto is “Technological and Ecological Challenges”. This international conference in will – for the first time in IMWA’s history – bring together the mine water community in one of the outstanding mining regions on the boarder of Europe and Asia: in Perm, Russia. To reach this location might be a first challenge for many of the 300 to 400 delegates that will present their newest findings about mine water management and treatment. The other, and more important challenge, will be discussing about implementing solutions to the potential environmental impacts incurring with mine water. We are especially looking forward to discussing with our Russian colleagues about their experiences and which challenges they are facing in a country reaching from a hot southern climate to the permafrost in the north.

  As the President of the International Mine Water Association I am inviting you to attend this outstanding conference about all aspects of mine water and produced water.


Prof. Dr habil. Christian Wolkersdorfer

The President